Congressman Chuck Fleischmann Praises Miss Mary Project

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann Praises Miss Mary Project

I was honored to meet with Congressman Chuck Fleischmann from Tennessee’s 3rd District just hours before the 2017 eclipse crossed the Chattanooga skyline.  Mark West of Liberty Ridge Ranch in Cleveland helped arrange the meeting, which included Pastor Ternae Jordan from the Mt. Canaan Baptist Church in Chattanooga.

Congressman Fleischmann has a history of reaching out to those in poverty and has been a staunch defender of programs that help low income families and include a work component.

I explained how the Miss Mary Project fills a unique gap in training for working age members of low-income families. Our focus is not to simply help people get a job, but to give them the training necessary to advance to higher levels in the organization.  Our goal is to help people, become independent by building wealth.

Chuck, as he prefers to be called, smiled when I told him that the church community is a fundamental part of what makes the Miss Mary Project work.  We believe that people thrive better when the church is the center of community life. Our students not only attend classes at church, once they have a position, those who use our transportation services, offer a moment of thanks each day before departing for the job.

Pastor Jordan is a big thinker and acquired the old K-Mart building on Route 58 to allow for his growing congregation and church-related activities. He sees the Miss Mary Project as a great way to augment his drive to both help the poor and bring community members together.

Congressmann Fleischmann thanked us for including him in our activities and offered his full support to help make the Miss Mary Project a success.


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