Pastor David Cox and John Anthony Show How to Reach Your Dreams

Pastor David Cox and John Anthony Show How to Reach Your Dreams

This past week, Pastor David Cox invited the Miss Mary Project to speak about setting and hitting your goals for congregation members at the Venture Church in Easley, SC.

This was a special honor, because David is not only a pastor, but a successful developer in the Greenville area and knows what it means to set goals and do the work it takes to hit them.

People talk a lot about goal-setting, but most goals rarely get past the dream phase.

We are all familiar with the New Year’s resolution to bump up the exercise routine that never lasts past February 1.

Then there’s the family that goes skiing for the first time and has such a wonderful experience they rush to purchase $3000 worth of ski equipment, vowing to become experts on the slopes. Unfortunately, the paraphernalia often ends up in a closet and rarely looked at again.

It is important that people have big dreams, but too often they are not willing to fight to fulfill them.

But that is no reason to quit on your plans. There are things for which people will fight mightily. Most of us will never slip below our personal minimum standards.  That might mean we will NEVER allow the mortgage to go unpaid, or a credit card payment to go in late.  Maybe you are fastidious about keeping you home neat and never allow clutter.

Whatever your minimum standards, those are the things you will fight like a wildcat to avoid breaching. By treating your dreams as if they are your minimum standards, you will hit them almost every time.

At the Miss Mary Project training, we teach our students the steps to recast their highest dreams as their lowest expectations and begin to change their entire lives.

We believe it’s vitally important to help the poor get work and exit dependence.  That is why we teach resume and interview success. But we feel it is just as important to place them on a path to breakout into true financial prosperity. Whether their dream is to purchase a home, start a business, or travel the world first class, we want our students to work hard, excel in the workplace, and save money to reach all their dreams.

We need your help to work with community churches and help the poorest members of society stand up and build a strong independent future.

                                                                                                                                        The Miss Mary Project is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit organization

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